Remarkable Digital Experiences Designed With Marketing Intent

What can I do for your business?

I’m most excited about building frictionless digital experiences, whether that’s a robust wordpress driven website, a full featured mobile app, or internal management tools that make running your business a breeze. 

If you are in the market for any type of digital solution, let’s talk.
Not only have I been living and breathing tech since the late 90s, I’ve held high level roles in various companies who rely on modern marketing and remarkable customer experiences through their digital offerings. This multi-industry experience helps me find unique solutions that are just right. 

Web Design & Development

It all starts with a high quality website. I'm both a web designer and web developer, providing intent-driven digital experiences that eliminate the hurdles between you and customers.

Internal Apps for Management

Can steps in your business be replaced with internal apps? Are you using apps not designed for your specific needs? I can help you build internal tools for managing and analyzing your business.

Marketing Strategy

Intent-driven design is about marketing strategy at its core. The work I do is exclusively focused on bringing you more business, so let's talk about your entire marketing flow and how what I build can improve it.

Paid Digital Marketing

"If you build it, they will come" is the WORST phrase in business. The reality is, we live in a world of paid-media, and being seen requires ad spend. Let me help you allocate and plan that ad spend appropriately. I've spent $2+ million on ads through Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn over the last decade and have learned a lot about good spend vs bad spend.

Customer-Facing App Development

Is there a way to engage your customers through a dedicated web app or mobile app? Let's talk about it.

Web apps (and mobile apps, they're designed in the same process) can be used to allow customers to manage their accounts with you and create 'Customer Dashboards'

Ad & Brand Design

It doesn't end with the website. I'll help you put together an entirely fresh brand for your business, in addition to custom ad creatives you can use to promote.

I can even design creative templates for your business, allowing you to change out text/offers as needed. If you can imagine it, it's probably possible through code and design.

My Work

I’ve spent years designing and developing digital customer experiences across multiple industries, always focused on a frictionless flow between businesses and customers. This is what I refer to as intent-driven design, as it’s all about the best customer experience.

Happy customers, happy businesses.

Lost Lake Golf Club

Lost Lake Golf Club hired me to build their new golf course website, with the goal of alleviating their dependence on third party services. In conjunction with the new website, I developed a standalone mobile app for staff to make updates to their website with no technical ability needed.

The dedicated internal app allows Lost Lake management to update events, tournament results, course status indicators, and menus from any Apple/Android Device. This centralized efficiency saves hours of daily work, while providing a better experience for members and guests.

Services Provided

Full Website Design, Email Marketing Integration & Custom Templates, Custom Mobile App for Internal Management Tasks

Trident Golf Club

Trident Golf Club was a public golf club started and operated for a year in Port St. Lucie, FL before being sold to an investment group in late 2022.

The website was a central point of operation, with the Trident website generating just over $10 per visit to the website over its one year in operation. This high revenue output was generated through intelligent, intent-focused design. Visitors were guided exclusively to revenue producing actions at all times. No distracting fluff.

Services Provided

Full Website Design, Loyalty Program Development, Point Redemption API, Email Marketing Integration & Custom Templates, Text-Message Player Support System, Marketing Automations, Ad Design, Writing, Detailed Analytics Reporting

Science of Cannabis Summit

Events are a perfect fit for intent-driven design, as event organizers need to eliminate hurdles between them and their attendee’s wallets.

My design for The Science of Cannabis Summit, a nationwide rotating series of educational events (pre-COVID), lived this philosophy. Prospective attendees were provided just the information they need to make an attendance decision, easily accessible, with one-click registration built into the home page. These events were routinely sold out, with 100% of the ticket sales coming through this website.

Services Provided

Full Website Design, Event Registration/Ticketing Systems Integration, Email Marketing Flows, Ad Design, Writing, Detailed Analytics Reporting

Sometimes, it’s just about being a well designed resource. came to me for a much overdue redesign of their security industry informational website that hadn’t been updated in over a decade.

As longevity is the name of the game for content-sites like this, I designed a site that is built to last, operating with almost no moving parts. Additionally, the core being used allows for generational updates without any impact to the public website.

Services Provided

Full Website Design, Graphic Design, SEO assistance • Where Your Bad Shots Go sells “experienced” golf balls (i.e. – the many golf balls we all shank into the woods). When it came time to build their online e-commerce and inventory system to support it, I was ready. 

In addition to the website, I built an inventory tracking system with dedicated web app for tracking their supplier network. As this business relies on a large number of smaller suppliers, traditional CRM and inventory management systems were both too much, and not specific enough for their needs.

Instead, I built a simple web & mobile app that provided a way for them to track their 100+ individual suppliers, with relevant details like buy price, models available, historical transactions, pending transactions, payment history, etc.

This intent-focused app brings managing their inventory from 4 hours per day to under 1.

Services Provided

Full Website Design, Inventory & Customer Management App Design, E-Commerce Design, Email Marketing Templates, Ad Design, Detailed Analytics Reporting • Treasure Coast Golf is the ultimate guide to golf on Florida’s Treasure Coast, and for them, we designed both a robust directory website and dedicated web/mobile app for their 4500+ member TCGolfer PointsPass program.

Their PointsPass program allows golfers in the region to earn points for the golf they play. Golfers use the web or mobile app to upload receipts from area courses they’ve played, which get converted to a point balance redeemable towards rounds and more.

The entire system is driven by a newly designed web and mobile app, featuring secure user accounts, point balances, 1-click receipt submission, robust receipt/point usage history, and tools for TCGolfer to promote upcoming tournaments as needed.

The app was also designed with a dedicated management app, allowing TCGolfer staff to review and approve/deny receipts from any mobile device, as well as manage upcoming events. More recently, we’ve been experimenting with OCR and AI to “read” receipts and further eliminate management time for

Services Provided

Full Website Design, Public Web/Mobile App Design, Automation, Email Marketing Templates, Points System Administration, Dedicated Management App, Ad Creative Design, Custom Event Ticketing Solutions, Detailed Analytics Reporting, Ongoing Maintenance & Improvements

Live Domain Listings

Live Domain Listings is a personal project, built from a need to automate the process of selling domain names.
I found the best way to sell domain names is to simply be listed everywhere, and seen often. Easier said than done, this really requires frequency, and doing it manually was a chore. Even quasi-automation with Zapier was still human-driven and annoying ongoing task. was setup to allow others to access the same domain marketing techniques I was using to sell my own domains. It’s a simple marketplace app where anyone can list their domain, and be promoted through a 60 day automation for just $8.
The app also automatically generates a shareable (very bright in a social feed) promo image for your domain, which I found many domain sellers don’t bother with, but should. It’s all about getting exposure for your domain. (Also, see, a sister project to Live Domain Listings)
Services Provided

Public Web/Mobile App Design, Automation, Integrated Payments, Deployment to iOS App Store & Google Play, Creative Design


DrContent.AI is an article writing tool made for WordPress websites specifically. 

Once signed in, users connect their WordPress website (without any plugins required, works with any WP site), and can instantly begin generating rich 500 – 1000 word articles in seconds. 

Generated articles are automatically placed into the “drafts” folder inside WordPress, fully formatted, and with a generic hero image ready to be reviewed and published.

This project uses several AI tools to perform article writing based on predetermined standards, title writing (it actually uses the written article to generate the title, vs creating the title first and building around the article), SEO checks, automatic image generation, and automatic posting to WordPress. 

The goal of the tool is simply time savings. It’s now possible to put up a niche content website in one day, with 50+ articles all around a given topic, and for less than $50. 

Services Provided

Public Web/Mobile App Design, Automation, API Integrations, ChatGPT Integration, Cloud Function Building, WordPress Integration